PCEF has made long-term commitments to several Signature Programs deemed critical by both PCSD and PCEF. Thanks to our donors, we are able to make these commitments so Program Managers only need re-apply every three years.

Signature Programs are PCEF's biggest granting mechanism. Thanks to YOU, our incredibly generous donors, PCEF was able to fund over $600,00,000 in long-term commitments for 2018 - 2019.


 Park City Center for Advanced Professional Studies (PCCAPS) – PCHS - $15,000

The Park City Center for Advanced Professional Studies (PCCAPS) is a program for PCHS Juniors and Seniors to gain real world project-based work experience before they go to college. The grant provides funding for software and materials based on the projects given by businesses to the student consultants, which can change each semester. The grant also provides scholarships to purchase professional clothing for those students who qualify. 


Bright Futures – PCHS - $77,200

Bright Futures is a comprehensive multi-year program to teach first generation kids 'college-knowledge' and equip them with the skills to get to, and through, college. This grant provides the funds for the salaries, materials and equipment needed for this program.


After School Program – JRES, MPES, PPES, TSES, EHMS - $172,000

This grant provides funding for teacher stipends, materials, and outside partners of the After-School program at each of the four elementary schools in the Park City district.

In addition, this grant supports the expansion of the After School program at Ecker Hill. The goal of the expansion at EHMS is to increase participation through improved curriculum planning, by transitioning from a homework and open gym forum to a structured, enrichment-based program at the middle school level, which offers physical outlet, a social atmosphere, and interesting activities attractive to our adolescent age group.


 Preschool – All Elementary Schools - $100,000

This grant provides funding for over half the cost of the district Half-Day Preschool program for 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds at each of the four elementary schools, as well as the All-Day Preschool program for 4-year-olds at McPolin Elementary School and Parley’s Park Elementary School.


Elementary Visual Arts – MPES, PPES, TSES - $90,000

This grant funds the professional art instruction for 1,500 elementary students. Art is typically taught once per month at each elementary school. The curriculum and supplies are provided by the Kimball Art Center.



Coding – All Elementary Schools - $100,000

This grant provides a Coding specialist at each elementary school as well as training and materials.  Coding (the basics of learning deeper computer science concepts) will be taught to students in grades K-5.  Park City School District uses a breakthrough coding curriculum that focuses on age-appropriate competencies and important computational thinking skills.

 For a complete list of 2019 - 2020 PCEF programs you fund, please click here.



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