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Navigating the Modern World Can Be Difficult for Our Students. PCEF Donors Want to Help

The death of two Treasure Mountain Junior High students by opiod overdose in September of 2016 brought our students' mental health to the forefront of the conversation in Park City. Not surprisingly, PCEF received over $30,000 in mindfulness and resilience Teacher Grant requests later that fall. These ranged from student mindfulness training in school to Professional Development for school counselors, nurses and other key PCSD personnel.

Fortunately, thanks to you, our donors, we were able to fund $22,000 of those grant requests. Along with our community, PCEF feels that students learn best when they have the skills to cope with today's world. However, programs in this realm did not quite fit into one of our six areas of interest. So, we created a seventh area of interest: Student Wellness. This fits with our underlying goal of going beyond what public education provides to meet the needs of our students, teachers, and community.

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 For a full list of 2017 - 2018 PCEF funded programs focusing on Student Wellness, please click here.

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