The District Grants are PCEF's biggest granting mechanism. They fund programs across more than one school site. They are due in June and are for the upcoming school year. Thanks to YOU, our incredibly generous donors, PCEF is able to fund $450,000 in District Grants for the 2017 - 2018 school year!

Signature Grants are keystone programs, deemed critical by both PCEF and PCSD. PCEF has made a three-year commitment to fund Signature Grants.

Only PCSD district employees may apply for District Grants.

All grants must fall into one of the following PCEF interest areas: Academic Success, College and Career Readiness, Early Childhood Education, Professional Development & Teacher Recognition, STEM, Student Wellness, and The Arts.

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District Grants for 2017 - 20178

Light bulbAcademic Success

  PCEF Signature Program: One Book One Community – TMJH, PCHS - $20,000

Formerly the Author-In-Residence program, the One Book One Community program offers students, faculty and community members an opportunity to come together in a unique way by all reading the same book, and just as importantly, interacting with the published author of that book. The goal is to stimulate thought, raise expectations for curricular excellence and unite the student body in a common goal.  This year’s novel is Sea to the Salt by Ruta Sepetys.  She will be in Park City January 8th-9th, 2018.  Funds from this grant go towards the purchase of the novel as well as the expenses associated with bringing the author to Park City.

PACE Materials – All Elementary - $7,500

Each of our four elementary schools has a Program for Academic Challenge and Enrichment (PACE) Specialist. This grant provides funding for materials to continue and enhance the PACE programs in a consistent manner across the four elementary schools. 

Wifi for Students on Free/Reduced Lunch – TMJH, PCHS - $20,000

This grant provides the funds for home internet access for disadvantaged students in the Park City School District whose families cannot afford to pay for home internet service.  Being able to complete required school work on their laptops at home helps disadvantaged students be successful academically.

 College careerCollege and Career Readiness

 PCEF Signature Program: PCCAPS – PCHS - $15,000

The Park City Center for Advanced Professional Studies (PCCAPS) is a program for PCHS Juniors and Seniors to gain real world project-based work experience before they go to college. The grant provides funding for software and materials based on the projects given by businesses to the student consultants, which can change each semester. The grant also provides scholarships to purchase professional clothing for those students who qualify. 

PCEF Signature Program: Bright Futures – PCHS - $50,000

Bright Futures is a comprehensive multi-year program to teach first generation kids 'college-knowledge' and equip them with the skills to get to, and through, college. This grant provides the funds for the salaries, materials and equipment needed for this program.

PCEF Signature Program: Dyslexia Initiative – JRES, MPES, PPES, TSES - $55,000

The goals for the Dyslexia Initiative are to increase awareness of dyslexia, provide effective reading instruction for all students and, ultimately ensure that dyslexic students in the Park City School District are identified early and receive appropriate treatment/intervention.  This grant provides the funding for the costs associated with this initiative.

PCEF Signature Program: After School Program – JRES, MPES, PPES, TSES, EHMS - $151,000

This grant provides funding for teacher stipends, materials, and outside partners of the After-School program at each of the four elementary schools in the Park City district.

In addition, this grant supports the expansion of the After School program at Ecker Hill. The goal of the expansion at EHMS is to increase participation through improved curriculum planning, by transitioning from a homework and open gym forum to a structured, enrichment-based program at the middle school level, which offers physical outlet, a social atmosphere, and interesting activities attractive to our adolescent age group.


Early ChildhoodEarly Childhood Education

 PCEF Signature Program: Preschool – All Elementary Schools - $160,000

This grant provides funding for over half the cost of the district Half-Day Preschool program for 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds at each of the four elementary schools, as well as the All-Day Preschool program for 4-year-olds at McPolin Elementary School and Parley’s Park Elementary School.



STEM Coordinator – K-8th grade - $90,000

This grant provides funding for a STEM Coordinator, who provides professional development, guidance, and support for all science teachers in the district to integrate the new Utah Core Curriculum standards.

Science Fair – all grades - $5,200

PCEF will provide funding for the district science fair by paying for teacher stipends, participant prizes, marketing, rental tables and entry fees.

PCEF Signature Program: Coding – All Elementary Schools - $118,000

This grant provides a Coding specialist at each elementary school as well as training and materials.  In 2017-18, coding (the basics of learning deeper computer science concepts) will be taught to students in grades K-4.  Park City School District uses a breakthrough coding curriculum that focuses on age-appropriate competencies and important computational thinking skills.


Student Wellness

Restorative Justice - TMJH = $7,500

Restorative practices are an innovative approach to resolving and preventing conflict in a positive and respectful way. The grant will provide stipends and training for two Treasure Mountain teachers as well as materials for the program.  This is a pilot program for PCSD that if successful will be expanded across other schools in the district.

 ArtsThe Arts

PCEF Signature Program: Elementary Visual Arts – MPES, PPES, TSES - $90,000

This grant funds the professional art instruction for 1,500 elementary students. Art is typically taught once per month at each elementary school. The curriculum and supplies are provided by the Kimball Art Center.


 For a full list of all 2017 - 2018 PCEF programs, please click here.



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