Express Grants 

PCEF reserves $10,000 for teacher, school and district needs that arise during the school year and are out of the grant cycle (Teacher Grants are due 10/31).  The maximum amount for an express grant is $1000.  Occasionally, private funds are matched with an express grant to increase the impact.

Only PCSD Administrators, with their teachers, may apply for Express Grants.

All grants must fall into one of the following PCEF interest areas: Academic Rigor, College and Career Readiness, Early Childhood Education, Professional Development & Teacher Recognition, STEM, Student Wellness, and The Arts.

Express Grants are reviewed the last week of the month by the PCEF staff and recipients will be notified the first week of the following month. Funds will be available the following week. YOUR generosity has enabled PCEF to fund $10,000 in School Grants for 2015 - 2016 school year!

To apply for a Express Grant, click here.

Express Grants for 2016 - 2017:

Light bulbAcademic Rigor

Teacher Leader - MPES - $1,000

  • Funds will be used to work collaboratively with parents by offering classes to help their student to be more successful in the classroom; quarterly skill-based training.

French-English Dictionaries - JRES - $300

  • Pocket dictionaries are better for translation than Google Translate, and necessary for the 5th grade level.

Learning Ally - MPES - $1,000

  • Funds will be used to pilot the use of the software Learning Ally. After having implemented Fundations this year, now MPES would like to use this additional tool to support all readers. 

College career

College and Career Readiness

Trailside's Stir Crazy Coffee Cart for Students in Special Education Communication Skills - TES - $1,000

  • Selling coffee and baked goods on Fridays via a coffee cart will help Special Ed. students develop social and educational skills.



Manufacturing with Arduino Robotos - PCHS -$400

  • For the Physics with Technology class, Arduino robotics kits will be used create an automated assembly line that will be similar to real-world applications.  

Lego Education Simple Machines - JRES -$1,000

  • Funds will be used to purchase 6 Lego Education kits which contain a brick assortment for exploring design engineering with more advanced mechanisms, structures, and forces.

Robots for Coding - PPES -$1,000

  • Funds will be used to purchase one robot of each type so that we can explore their capabilities, evaluate their function, and see if we would like to consider them for our grade levels on a larger scale. 


Student Wellness

Snowboots for All - MPES - $1,000

  • Funds will be used to purchase snowboots for those students who have none. Students can't take part in the recess break without proper clothing. Playful breaks are important for student development during the school day.

Afterschool Ninja Kids - PPES - $1,000

  • Funds will be used to provide registration and testing fees for students in the afterschool program who cannot afford the fees to test for a high belt rank in the taekwondo program.

Communications for Good - PPES - $250

  • Partial funding for a monitor for the front lobby of Parley's Park used to share information about upcoming events and recognize the positive things happening within Parley's Park.


Marching Band Performs at the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor at the Pearl Harbor Days Parade - TMJH/PCHS $1,000

  • Funds will be used to defray the costs of transporting 90 band students and their instruments to Hawaii.

Albums for Student Photography - MPES $660

  • Funds will be used to purchase albums in conjunction with the United Way grant for an end-of-the-year photography project. Each child at the McPolin will have the opportunity to take 10 photos with a high-end digital camera.  These photos will be printed and delivered to the children before the end of school.




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